One Small Change: Unloading the Dishwasher

I’ve been thinking about last week’s post, about choosing one goal for this time of year and really focusing on reaching it. I’m trying to work on stretching myself to think about others, especially my family. It’s easy for me to stay holed up in my bedroom, or out in my car, keeping busy with my own thing. Especially since a sometimes-very-large part of me resents not having the freedom to run my own home, I’m guilty of disengaging from whatever’s going on in my house and generally being unhelpful.


I know my mother would really appreciate it if I’d unload the dishwasher as needed. This takes me about five minutes, but I just never think of doing it. It’s like I walk into the kitchen but don’t see the little red “clean” light on the dishwasher. So for this month, my measurable goal is going to be (b”n) to make a concerted effort to check the dishwasher each night and unload as needed. Simple enough, but still a stretch for me.


Have you set any small goals for this time of year? How do you stretch yourself to think about others?

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