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I’m a frum single woman in my twenties, working in an education-related field, dating, davening and doing all the good stuff. I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. I grew up in a bustling household (still there) and went to Bais Yaakov schools.  

I started this blog when I realized that it’s hard to find positive or empowering content online related to the lives of frum singles. I hope to change that. (Read more here). This blog is about many things, including reflections on growth, relationship and lifestyle ideas, and assorted topics just for fun… but mostly, this blog is about finding joy in the everyday. It’s about learning to savor each moment and take pleasure in all that life has to offer. It’s based on the beliefs that every year of life is a gift meant to be enjoyed, that there are no wrong journeys in the world of Hashem, and that when you find happiness anywhere, you beautify yourself and the world.

Enjoy the site and come back soon! We would always love to hear from you!



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