“The more we learn to recognize other people’s individual physical and emotional needs, the more we come to empathize with them.”  – Rabbi Yisroel Miller, In Search of the Jewish Woman


I gravitate towards personal inner work because I enjoy it very much. But it can be hard to stay cognizant of other people’s needs as well, and stretch myself to think of them. I gathered a few really simple ways to practice keeping others’ needs on my mind. (Some are ideas I read in the book referenced above). 


  1. Put a quarter in an expired meter.
  2. Let someone else have the last word in a conversation.
  3. Allow others to finish what they have to say without interruption.
  4. Privately wish someone well when passing their house.
  5. Hold the door open for someone.
  6. Stop to give directions to someone who looks lost.
  7. Offer to pick up coffee or lunch or photocopies for a coworker when going to get your own.
  8. Bring extra paper goods.
  9. Make it a point to respond to texts and emails sooner rather than later so people feel heard.
  10. Pay a compliment to someone who probably doesn’t get very many.
  11. And this most important one — mark down birthdays and other people’s special events (ex. day of a flight, CPA exam) in your phone and remember to send a good wishes text.


Do you have some more ideas to add? Thanks!


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