Favorite Shabbos Salads

Do you have a really delicious lettuce salad to share? A great dressing or a unique combination of ingredients? I’m looking for a couple new ideas to mix things up at the Shabbos table. These are the favorites we’ve been enjoying these days:


Chef’s salad. This is our go-to for Shabbos day. The recipe here is slightly adapted from the chef’s salad recipe in Kosher by Design. We make it with deli, or with grilled London broil or chicken. The garlicky flavor is always a winner. 


Olive and oven-dried tomato salad. I started making this one on occasion and it is always polished off. The vinaigrette is lighter than a creamy dressing and the flavors are so yum! (I usually omit the sunflower seeds and add a sliced red onion).


Can you post recipes or links to your favorite salads? Much appreciated! Also, have an easy fast tomorrow!

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  1. A Friend

    Leah sent me this but couldn’t post it as a comment:

    I started making this in seminary and it was always finished. I love the simplicity of the recipe.
    1/2 cup mayonnaise
    1/4 cup ketchup
    1/8 cup sugar
    1/16 cup mustard
    Mix. Add to lettuce and deli. Optional: add tomatoes, peppers, chips, cucumbers.

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